About us

Our objective is to have healthy, safe and drug-free communities throughout Butler County

The Butler County Coalition

The mission of Butler County Coalition is to reduce alcohol and marijuana use by youth 9-20 over time through collaboration, education and policy change.

Our Goals

Reduce the number of youth ages 9-20 who report past 30-day use of alcohol and marijuana

Strengthen prevention capacity and infrastructure

Leverage other funding streams and resources for prevention

Our Strategies:

Work within the community to raise awareness of the dangers of youth substance use and abuse

Provide support and training to local communities with and without coalitions

Partner with community stakeholders to create a cross-system impact

The secret of our success?


Butler County Prevention Coalition & Addiction Taskforce Framework

The Butler County Prevention Coalition and Addiction Taskforce is designed to foster cross-sector collaboration. The Butler County Prevention Coalition, Mental Health Addiction and Recovery Services Board, and Health District have come together to streamline their work. We work together to address youth substance use prevention, the impact of substance abuse, and opioid overdose. 

The Butler County Community

Meet Our Coalitions


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Oxford Ohio Area

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Prevention Action Alliance

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OhioMHAS coordinates a statewide system of mental health and addiction prevention, treatment and recovery services. Read More


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Coalition for a Healthy Middletown

The Council continues to provide safety education in schools through a number of beneficial programs Read More

Greater Hamilton Coalition

A community based coalition organized to prevent youth substance abuse in the greater Hamilton community. Read More

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