Team Leaders

Butler County Coalition Leadership Council Members

Business:                                                                    Angie Otis

Civic/Volunteer:                                                     Susan Lipnickey

Schools/Education:                                             Cari Wynne

Government:                                                          Pat Burg

Health Care:                                                            Jennifer Williams, R.N.

Law Enforcement:                                                Chief Craig Bucheit

Media:                                                                        Wayne Baker

Parent:                                                                       Amy Macechko

Fraternity/Religious:                                           Pastor Troy Sybrant

Youth:                                                                             Weston Lindner

Youth Serving Organization:                                      Joyce Kachelries

Organization Reducing Substance Use:                   Kristy Duritsch

Local Coalition Representatives:  

Christi Valentini – Coalition for a Healthy, Safe and Drug-Free Greater Hamilton

Pat Van Oflen – Coalition for a Safe and Drug-free Fairfield

Deb Neyer – Coalition for a Safe and Drug-free Fairfield

Amy Macechko – Coalition for a Healthy Community Oxford

Kristy Duritsch – Coalition for a Healthy Middletown

Butler County Coalition Administration

Title Name
Director/Project Coordinator Lauren Marsh